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Welcome to our brand new website

Welcome to our brand new website

Hi everyone.

Firstly, welcome to our brand new website and to our returning customers; thank you for your patience whilst we’ve been very busy behind the scenes.

We’ve been going through a few changes over the last few months and getting ready for the busy candle season ahead.

To our returning customers, unfortunately we’re no longer able to include a free tea light with every online order. Instead we’re working behind the scenes to bring them out as a product to purchase. Thank you for all your comments and suggestions about this.

If you sign up to our mailing list, however, we’ll be sending you exclusive news and discounts for the future, which we think is a better idea.

We’ve altered our branding too; it’s important to keep a brand fresh and on trend. Candleman products end up in your beautiful homes, so I wanted to refresh our branding to suit a wider taste in style. I hope you like it!

Finally, over the last year I’ve been reviewing sales of individual Candleman products, focusing on developing our best sellers to make them even better by tweaking some of our original recipes every so slightly. I’m sure you will enjoy just as much. We’re also bringing some amazing new fragrances out soon, which I can’t wait to share with you all. But in the meantime, please have a look through our sale of our existing stock… but once they’re gone, they won’t be coming back. There’ll then be room to launch new products.

Thank you.

Craig @ Candleman