Welcome to our brand new kitchen candle range, featuring candles that have been carefully crafted to help eradicate cooking and kitchen smells from your home. Our kitchen candles will leave your home infused with a vibrant shot of essences in its path. All hand poured using the finest, creamiest soy wax and cured in our beautiful amber-hued, mini apothecary jars for many weeks, to ensure the fragrance knits deeply within the natural wax. 

The first addition to this new collection is simply called ‘Espresso’. Imagine the aroma as you open the door and step into a buzzing artisan coffee shop. A simple, single scent that packs a punch with its rich, fragrance of roasted, ground coffee.  Simply just a shot of espresso to ignite your kitchen.

Don’t forget, once your candle has finished simply fill with hot soapy water, wash and dry thoroughly and reuse as a perfect vessel for any kitchen storage such as dried herbs and spices. We’re passionate about reusing candle containers and looking after our planet.

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