Welcome to our brand new kitchen candle range, featuring candles that have been carefully crafted to help eradicate cooking and kitchen smells from your home. Our kitchen candles will leave your home infused with a vibrant shot of essences in its path. All hand poured using the finest, creamiest soy wax and cured in our beautiful amber-hued, mini apothecary jars for many weeks, to ensure the fragrance knits deeply within the natural wax. 

The second addition to this new collection is simply called ‘Limoncello’. Imagine ripe lemons glistening in the sun, growing wild in abundance in Sorrento, southern Italy. Freshly picked and squeezed to release its refreshingly zesty, citrus fragrance we all know and love. Limoncello liqueur is made from the freshest of succulent Italian lemon peel to provide an invigorating, silky, smooth and deliciously sweet drink. We’ve carefully created and infused this new kitchen candle to encapsulate this refined bouquet. 

Stylish Italians drink Limoncello as a pallet cleanser after a meal and that’s why we thought blending this fragrance for the kitchen shot range would be perfect to light after cooking, to banish aromas quickly and to leave this elegant aromatic zesty aroma in the air.

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