Lingonberries and Winter Spice

Lingonberries and Winter Spice

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What does Hygge (hoo-gah) mean? It’s a Danish word that’s hard to translate but think happiness, cosiness and warmth. It’s the Danish way of life and they say candles can create and evoke happy memories, especially during the winter season. So this special collection of Hygge candles adds a touch of Scandi to Candleman’s range, beautifully hand-poured into sleek paint pot tins.

A modern twist on a warming winter candle, we bring you Lingonberries & Winter Spice. This tantalizing, Nordic and succulent berry can be found growing wild in the deepest part of any Scandinavian forest. With a slight tartness and hint of cranberries, the powerful forest fresh moss and musky undertones leaves a trail of peely orange, green mandarin and succulent tamarind in its path. Infused with root ginger and warming spicy cloves. A delectable mix of wonderfully warm and comforting fragrances, perfectly blended for this festive season. This candle will help to keep your senses alive during the cold winter months, with its spice and tartness filling the air. 

Top Notes: Lingonberry, Moss, Musk

Middles Notes: Orange Peel, Green Mandarin, Vanilla

Base Notes: Ginger, Clove, Cinnamon 

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