Luxury Matches

Luxury Matches

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Iconic Wiltshire horse luxury matches, printed and made here in the UK, this delightful matchbox of approximately 150 matches with bright red tips and long handled wooden match sticks, makes an ideal gift on its own or perfect to go alongside any of our beautiful hand-poured soy candles.

With its iconic historic Wiltshire white horse landmark, the design is printed using traditional letter-pressing style on the front of the box. The dimensions are 110mm x 110mm square. The strike pad runs along the side of the box and opens and closes by pushing it back into its sleeve.

The Westbury White Horse is the oldest known hill figure in Wiltshire, so it seemed perfect to go alongside our hand-poured candles, which are also crafted here in beautiful Wiltshire. Such a well-known local landmark, it’s the only horse figure in the county to be shown standing still, rather than galloping.

Add a touch of elegance when lighting your candles with this traditional box of luxury matches with its historic famous Wiltshire landmark.

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