No. 01 - Kerala

No. 01 - Kerala

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Kerala is where we draw our main scent inspiration from for our No. 1 collection. A region in Southern Asia in which the pepper berries are picked and then dried in the sun to give that distinctive warming aroma. Added to the relaxing fragrant mix is the Patchouli leaf, with its dark musky-earthy essence, infused with exotic sandalwood oil to offer a relaxing state of mind.

This bold fragrance is perfect to use in your home and let the spa aroma fill the air gently to evoke relaxing times. Perfect to have in a bathroom or bedroom and let the relaxation begin with the sharp sweetness and the musky warmth awash over you.

Top notes: Aged Leather, Musk, Burnt Amber

Middle notes: Black Tea, Black Cracked Pepper, Tobacco

Base notes: Seasoned Teakwood, Patchouli, Aromatic Sandalwood

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