Meet Craig, founder of Candleman

I founded Candleman, having made candles for many years, receiving exceptional comments from friends and family. People kept telling me that I should share my artisan passion for blending uniquely crafted fragrances, which are all hand-poured into my natural candles and reed diffusers.

Our fragrances are blended with precision, inspired by warm, earthy, botanical tones to evoke happy memories or create new ones.

Scent is such a powerful sense and I hope my distinctive blends take you on your own journey.

Candleman is different; we use only natural plant-based soy wax and unbleached cotton wicks in all of our candles, or ethical eco-based oils in our reed diffusers. Our candles contain the maximum amount of fragrance oil that the soy wax can take, around twice as much as most mass-produced candles. 

I’ve taken great care to perfect my candle-making method, hand-pouring wax at the optimum temperature to ensure each candle I produce brings warmth, spirit and memories to your home.

Each candle and reed diffuser is carefully handmade from the beginning of the process to the end. We’ve a busy online business with amazing customer feedback. We offer same day dispatch, so that your candles and reeds will be with you in no time. We’ve recently been stocked in boutique retailers up and down the U.K, and across Europe too.

We’re always creating and developing new and exciting fragrances, using natural waxes and base oils, and avoiding plastics. Even our packing materials have dissolvable peanuts; simply run them under the tap and watch them disappear.